Getting Started with LinkedIn

Getting Started with LinkedIn

The FrontFoot LinkedIn course, will take you through setting up your account and creating your profile on the World's largest business social media platform. With over 770 million global members, we recommend that you have at least a free subscription to the platform.

FrontFoot believes that having a professional LinkedIn profile will not only help you achieve your civilian career goals but it will also give you access to some amazing resources.

If you have any problems creating or updating your profile, please let us know by emailing us at

Before getting started with this course, we recommend that you have a copy of your CV to hand as it will make adding information much quicker for you.

Last Update 31/01/2022
Completion Time 37 minutes
Members 4
  • Introducing LinkedIn
  • Setting up a LinkedIn Profile
    • Setting up an linkedin account
    • Video Guide - Setting up a LinkedIn account
    • Knowledge Check
      10 xp
    • How many people use LinkedIn
    • Adding a Profile Picture
    • What sort of picture?
    • LinkedIn Adding a profile picture
  • Building Your LinkedIn Profile
    • Intro Section - Part 1
    • Intro Section - Part 2
    • Intro Section - Part 3